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John Shore tells his story:

“The split-second before I very suddenly became a Christian, I couldn’t possibly have been less of a Christian.  If anything, I was anti-Christian.   The religion struck me as ridiculously immature, a way-too-obvious system designed mostly to capitalize on people’s guilt: Big Daddy in the Sky knows you did wrong, but will love you anyway if you’ll only admit that he’s perfection itself, and that you’re a wretched, sickening sack of sin.

Please.  I always figured that if I wanted Father Knows Best, I’d watch TV.”

Read his whole account here.

HT: Thabiti Anyabwile.

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9 thoughts on “Christ appears without being asked”

  1. Gaye Clark says:

    Cerainly sounds like the gospel- conviction of sin, realization of utter helplessness, recognition of a Savior. Then I read John shore’s conclusions:

    That’s about what I thought: “Oh. Now I’m a Christian.”
    So I stood, wiped my eyes, opened the door to the supply closet, and went back to work.
    And that was that.”

    I don’t think so :) But he’ll learn that soon enough.

  2. NFQ says:

    And Kevin DeYoung wonders why Christians feel guilty all the time. “Conviction of sin, realization of utter helplessness.” “You’re a wretched, sickening sack of sin.” It’s like an abusive relationship. “You’re so disgusting and filthy and unworthy of me, you’re so lucky I love you, you better not try to find happiness any way but through me.”

    1. Ray Ortlund says:

      NFQ, why not email John Shore and ask him personally about that? He doesn’t seem like an abused person. He might have a surprising explanation.

      1. NFQ says:

        Hi Ray. I just came back to say that I emailed John Shore several weeks back and asked him about this, but I haven’t heard anything from him at all. It sounded like you might know him personally, so if you do, it’d be nice if you could encourage him to answer me.

        Since you seemed to find his article worthwhile in some way, though, I’d be very interested to hear why *you* don’t see the abuse in it that I do. You know, rather than just trying to deflect my question and ignore the point I’m raising.

  3. John Shore says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t recall receiving any such email.

    1. NFQ says:

      Hi! I’ll send it again.

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