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“If you knew that there was one greater than yourself, who knows you better than you can know yourself and loves you better than you can love yourself, who can make you all you ought to be, steadier than your squally nature, able to save you from squandering your glorious life, who searches you beyond the standards of earth . . . one who gathered into himself all great and good things and causes, blending in his beauty all the enduring color of life, who could turn your dreams into visions and make real the things you hoped were true, and if that one had ever done one unmistakable thing to prove, even at the price of blood — his own blood — that you could come to him, and having failed, come again, would you not fall at his feet with the treasure of your years, your powers, service and love?  And is there not one such, and does he not call you?”

A. E. Whitham, quoted in Raymond C. Ortlund, Let the Church be the Church (Waco, 1983), page 39.

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4 thoughts on “If you knew”

  1. Jason Woelm says:

    Dr. Ortlund,

    I REALLY need to stop reading your blog–I might run out of tears of joy ;).

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you for your blog. It is such a blessing and encouragement to me. Soli Deo Gloria.

    May our current and future generations catch this and let it possess their soul.

  2. Gary Horn says:

    Can there be anything more glorious in the whole universe??

  3. Michael says:

    To be loved and desired and cared for by an incredible, magnificent, glorious God is an incredible honor that we should never take forgranted. Who are we that he should be mindful of us? He shouldn’t be, but he chooses to be anyway.

    Son Followers Blog

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