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Thanks to all who came to my Gospel Coalition workshop on “Justification versus Self-justification.”  It was great to see you.  You can access my paper here: TGClecture

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16 thoughts on “Favorite proposal of 2011”

  1. Paul Zahl says:

    What a great paper!
    In the great Ulster words of Tina Turner,
    this paper is “Simply the Best”.

    1. Ray Ortlund says:

      Thanks, Paul. You’re a delight.

  2. Rob says:

    I was kicking myself for not signing up for this workshop. I’m glad to see I can still get the material, and look forward to reading it. Thank you for this!

  3. Eric says:

    Awesome! So wanting to read this.

  4. Dan says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I really enjoyed your workshop.

  5. Gunner says:

    Pastor Ortlund,

    Thank you so much for your ministry at TGC, and for sharing the paper here. I was deeply blessed and challenged by what you shared and pray that it will have a long-lasting impact on my soul and the people I get to walk with.


  6. Danny says:

    Pastor Ray,
    I was blessed by your ministry at TGC and especially for honoring both Your Heavenly Father, through trumpeting free justification in Jesus, and for honoring your earthly father as well. I was touched deeply by the truth of the gospel subject matter, your fine paper, and your sweet, warm spirit. See you, Lord willing, in Maine. My treat for a lobsta, while we chat about Calvin, 3.2.7!

  7. MatthewS says:

    Is there an audio of this?

    1. Ray Ortlund says:

      It’s my impression, Matthew, that the audio will be posted in due course.

  8. Michael Price says:

    Thank you! I very much needed this – Great insight!

  9. Drew says:


    Thanks for making this available. Very helpful. It was great to hear this last week and connect with you again.

    – Drew

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