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Scott is President of Acts 29 and my coach.  There are many reasons to honor him.  But for starters, here is one.

It is clear to me that the church planters in Acts 29 are not cannon fodder for someone else’s war.  To Scott, every man matters.  Scott works hard to make sure our network is healthy and sustainable.  Church planting is costly.  I personally think it is the hardest of all pastoral ministries.  As Mark Driscoll has said, “The body count is high.”  Fully aware of the price these young men are paying to spread the gospel, Scott works tirelessly to care for them.  No one understands the burden he bears.  But I have become somewhat aware of his sacrificial labors on behalf of the A29 planters.  For this, and much more, I honor Scott.

I think of Acts 29 as the bikers of evangelicalism.  Or better, a band of brothers.  I honor all these magnificent young men, and their heroic wives, for giving their lives to advance the gospel in our time and beyond.  It’s a privilege to be among them.

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2 thoughts on “I honor Scott Thomas”

  1. Gabe says:

    Seconded, every part. Scott is a hero.

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