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“From a retrospect of three centuries, the transatlantic revivals of the 1730s and 1740s – with Edwards as their leading theological interpreter – left a sizable legacy.  It is called evangelicalism.”

M. J. McClymond and G. R. McDermott, The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford, 2012), page 447.

Revival is our historical inheritance, and we have every right to it.  At the heart of our theology is the biblical vision of a powerfully gracious Savior God.  In the constant swirl of secondary and tertiary issues, let’s not lose sight of what we most believe and who we most are.  Let’s rejoice in it, be true to it, and pray for its continuing resurgence.

When I step back and think more carefully about what God is doing in our time, where it came from, what it means, how it will impact the future, I find it impossible to be discouraged.

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2 thoughts on “Impossible to be discouraged”

  1. Steve says:

    Ray may you and Jani have a Happy 40th Anniversary tomorrow,on the 24day of 9month(Dec.18). It will be our 35th anniversary and I’m preaching Haggai last two sermons, tomorrow.

    1. Ray Ortlund says:

      Thanks, Steve!

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