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My son Eric’s new zombie novel, Dead Petals, is about to swallow up the known world. You have been warned.

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9 thoughts on “Not your garden variety zombie apocalypse”

  1. EBG says:

    Having a hard time finding a review on this book. Do you know for what age group it’s appropriate?

    I’d love to buy my son a copy.

    Many thanks.

  2. Eric says:

    Hey there –

    I wrote the book at a PG-13 level. It is not overly violent, but it is pretty grim. I would not feel comfortable with my daughter reading it until she was 15-16.
    If you want to understand better my approach (theologically) to this genre, see here:

    Dad, hope it’s OK that I posted this!

  3. EBG says:

    Thank you; very helpful.
    Keep, keep, keep writing. Our Century is in desperate need of its own, Macdonalds, Lewises, Tolkiens.
    I do feel like we’re entering the ‘Dark Ages’ with regard to beauty, art and literature.

  4. Niles says:

    Hi, all. I just got the kindle version. It’s been an interesting read thus far! (I’m 30, so I’m in the clear!)

    Looking forward to diving headlong into the story!

  5. Niles says:

    Also, I’m having a hard time not picturing Don Carson as Oz. :)

  6. Eric says:

    Interesting! I actually thought of John Locke from the TV show “Lost” when I wrote Oz. (I think somewhere I say he’s bald.) Oz also doesn’t handle trauma nearly as well as DA would.

    1. Niles says:

      Ha! DA would probably have deduced a solution by the second chapter. So, it wouldn’t have been as interesting. Something to do with getting the zombies to see the truth about the gospel and putting on the new self. Problem solved.

    2. Niles says:

      Hi, Eric. Not sure if you’re still following this, but I finished the book today. Wrote a very short (and positive) review on Amazon for ya. I think I’m gonna have to read parts of it again, because my internal movie playing your tale was lagging at times. But, I kept thinking over and over again that this would make an awesome graphic novel! Such rich imagery used throughout. Great work!

      Of course I have questions, but I’ll keep them to myself. May have to give it another read.

      Hope this catches on!

  7. Eric says:

    Wow! Thank you, Niles! That *really* kind of you. Feel free and more than free to send along questions (if you’re on FB, you can friend me).

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