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“I wish you a share of my feast.  Sweet, sweet has Jesus’ love been to me. . . . But for you, hang on.  Your feast is not far off.  You shall be filled ere you go.  There is as much in our Lord’s pantry as will satisfy all his bairns [children], and as much wine in his cellar as will quench all their thirst.  Hunger on, for there is food in hunger for Christ.  Never go from him, but fash [annoy] him (who is yet pleased with the importunity of hungry souls) with a dishfull of hungry desires, till he fill you.”

Samuel Rutherford, writing in 1637 to James Bautie, in The Letters of Samuel Rutherford (Edinburgh, 1891), page 492.

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Ray Ortlund is senior pastor of Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and serves as a Council member with The Gospel Coalition. You can follow him on Twitter.

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