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“Let us look at our lives in the light of this experience [in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10] and see whether we gladly glory in weakness, whether we take pleasure, as Paul did, in injuries, in necessities, in distresses.  Yes, let us ask whether we have learned to regard a reproof, just or unjust, a reproach from friend or enemy, an injury, or trouble, or difficulty into which others bring us, as above all an opportunity of proving how Jesus is all to us, how our own pleasure or honor are nothing, and how humiliation is in very truth what we take pleasure in.  It is indeed blessed, the deep happiness of heaven, to be so free from self that whatever is said of us or done to us is lost and swallowed up in the thought that Jesus is all.”

Andrew Murray, Humility: The Beauty of Holiness (London, 1896) page 83.

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One thought on “The deep happiness of heaven”

  1. Chris Gatihi says:

    Piper has written somewhere that books don’t change lives; paragraphs do. And sometimes even just a single sentence.

    This is one of those paragraphs, worth sifting through four or five hundred pages to mine out; and then re-reading and praying over again and again until its seeds of truth by God’s grace begin to sprout deep down in your soul.

    Thank you for sharing this, pastor Ortlund, and many such others on your blog — again and again. Please keep them coming.

    Many blessings,

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