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Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away  through my groaning all day long. Psalm 32:1-3

There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Rom. 8:1

Dear heavenly Father, for the welcome we receive as we come into your presence, we praise you; For the freedom to call you Abba, Father, we adore you; For the assurance of your daily mercies and steadfast love, we worship you.

There is no other god like you—none more worthy to be loved with all our heart and soul, mind and strength. You know our weaknesses, and do not despise them. You know our brokenness, and will not shame us. You know our sorrows, and are filled with compassion. You know our foolishness, and promise more grace.

With our eyes fixed on Jesus—the author and perfecter of our faith, we ask you to forgive us. Forgive us hurting people we love by our impatience and irritation, by our lack of listening and our un-kept promises. Forgive us for thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought, and thinking of others less compassionately than they deserve.

Forgive us for giving more power to what others say about us in public, than what you say about us in heaven. Forgive us for being too busy to behold your beauty in your Word; meditate on your mercies in Christ, and hear you sing to us in the gospel.

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on me. Our hope is built on nothing less, nothing more and nothing other, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. We trust in his finished work, not in our vain promises. Amen


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Scotty Smith is the founding pastor of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee. You can follow him on Twitter.

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