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Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Col. 3:15

     Dear Lord Jesus, it’s not a formula, but I can surely see how the depth of my gratitude is largely determined by the extent to which your peace is ruling in my heart. So as this day begins, and continues, I surrender to the dominion of your peace—the governance of your grace, the might of your mercy, the sanity-making freedom of your all-encompassing sovereignty.

The increase of your government and peace will know no end, in the entire cosmos, and in my little heart as well. Hallelujah, many, many times over. I am my least grateful when I lose sight of who you are, and who I am, in your heart and kingdom. It’s patently true: When I forget the gospel is when I get my grumpiest, most distractible and anxious.

Indeed, Jesus, I am my freest, most joyful and most peaceful, when I remember that you are the Lord, and I am not—though I foolishly grasp for autonomy and authorship of my story, at times. You never sleep nor slumber, and your timing is always perfect—even though I whine and vex, before coming to realize that good news, yet again.

You never get anxious or second-guess anything; you never react to anything, because you’re never surprised by anything. You do all things well, even (maybe, especially) when you don’t do things the way I want you to. Birds eat, flowers get dressed, and stars hang in the sky because of you, Jesus. You are the ruler of the kings of the earth and the determiner of the number of my days. None of us can thwart your will, or improve upon it, though we vainly try.

You are presently ruling the world with your truth and your grace; and, though it’s not yet fully apparent, you will make the nations prove the glories of your righteousness and the wonders of your love. Joy to the world; joy to me. May your peace rule in my heart today, and may I overflow with gratitude. So very Amen I pray, in your great and gracious name.


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2 thoughts on “A Prayer of Peace and Gratitude”

  1. Wendy....Secure in Christ says:

    Thank you brother Scotty Smith for this prayer. I so needed to read this. I praise God for this gracious provision to me today.
    The prayers you post here are much appreciated. Please keep writing them.

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