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Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them. Rom. 4:7-8

Dear heavenly Father, this remarkable portion of your Word greatly encourages me today; but it also reminds me how the concept of “blessing,” has been taken hostage. There are all kinds of books and DVDs, blogs and tweets, broadcasts and podcasts calculated to help me know how to get more “blessings” from you—advice on how to get you to reward, decorate, and “bless me,” with more of your favor and favors.

Though my inner cynic is rising up in me, I confess that I’m just as desirous of a life filled personal peace and creature comforts, good health and affluence as anyone else. So I have no theological darts or judgmental stones to throw at anyone today. Have mercy on me, dear Lord; have mercy on me.

Like everything else, you alone have the right to define what “blessedness” is, and you’ve done so in this Scripture, through the words of a broken king, David (Ps. 32:1-2), and a humbled Pharisee, Paul (Rom. 4:7-8). How appropriate—how beautiful, that both David and Paul would help us understand true blessedness.

Am I am blessed man? Indeed I am! For you have completely forgiven all my transgressions, once and for all. You have thoroughly covered my sins by the blood of Jesus. You will never count my sins against me because you counted my sin against Jesus, and you now count me righteous in him!

Abba, Father, whether I live in a penthouse or an outhouse, drive a BMW or pedal a bicycle, feast on caviar or munch on a crust of bread, have a retirement fund or live from paycheck to paycheck, wear updated fashion or hand-me-downs—I am a blessed man, a truly blessed man. May this good news—this gospel of your grace, be the currency, the treasure, the bullion, the gemstones, the legal tender and “stock portfolio” I’m most zealous to boast about and rest in.

There is no greater state of blessedness than to be in Christ; and in those moments of insanity when I’m tempted to think otherwise, bring me back to gospel sanity, time and time again. Turn all my whining into worship, my pouting into praise, and my selfishness into selfless living and loving.  So very Amen I pray, in Jesus’ merciful and mighty name.

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