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Ben Peays is the executive director of The Gospel Coalition and a PhD candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

TGC Hires Seth Magnuson and Expands Translation Efforts

Our new director for translated content strategies will leads an expanded translation initiative, which significantly increases our bandwidth in resourcing the global church.

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New Music Project Helps Kids Learn Theology

We hope you can use these songs to help teach your kids important truths about God.

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Luke Album Named ‘Best of Best’

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the album and even led these songs in your churches!

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Chan and Platt Reflect from the Korean DMZ

David Platt and Francis Chan on the on the realities of a closed country with little or no access to the gospel.

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Pray, Work, Wait: Dave Blanchard on Gospel-Minded Entrepreneurs

The gospel itself is a message, but its implications for business are rich with virtue.

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Showcase the Gospel in Living Color

This video follows the Chen couple as they meet their adopted son, Jacob, for the first time

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God’s Goodness in the Deepest Pain

Raising a daughter with disabilities and losing another have led them to treasure the promise that God is working all things together for their good and his glory.

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Whether I Live or Die, God Wins

Cancer has made death more real—and the gospel more real.

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Songs for the Book of Luke: Music By the Church, for the Church

Many gifted songwriters, pastors, and artists serve local congregations with an eye toward both beauty and truth.

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Just Announced: TGC13 Post-Conference on Faith and Work

We hope you’ll join us the afternoon of Wednesday, April 10, for a free post-conference focused on faith and work that features Tim Keller.

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