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Christina Fox is a licensed mental health counselor, coffee drinker, writer, and homeschooling mom, not necessarily in that order. She lives with her husband of 16 years and two boys in sunny South Florida. You can find her sharing her journey in faith at and on Facebook at

Explaining Hard Things to Our Children

Be prepared to explain to your children the world’s sorrows through the God’s story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

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Mama’s Hands Are Full: Gloria Furman on Treasuring Christ in the Trenches

As a mom, this book was the perfect word of truth and encouragement my weary heart needed.

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Confessions of a Reluctant Servant

As this reluctant servant has learned, God does not call the capable, he makes capable the called.

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The New Year for Your Children

This year, let’s encourage one another to seize opportunities to ‘teach Jesus’ to our children.

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Dare Not Compare

Discontentment and comparing ourselves to others is a sin we all battle. But it’s easy to overlook and ignore.

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How to Help Your Child Read with Discernment

Just as we choose the healthy foods to feed our children, we need to select for them the books that will feed and nourish their heart and soul.

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A Prayer for the Mom Who’s Worn

Just as we cannot live without water, we cannot do anything apart from Christ, including motherhood.

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The Place for Help and Healing

While the number of friends listed on our social media accounts may be many, our true friends are actually very few.

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When My Children Act Out in Public

When their behavior becomes about me and how it makes me look to others, I need to do a heart check.

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Motherhood for the Rest of Us

Rather than mother in my own strength, I parent through my weakness and on my knees.

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