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Tim Keller is the senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Manhattan, New York. He is also co-founder and vice president of The Gospel Coalition. For more resources by Tim Keller visit Redeemer City to City.

Cultural Engagement that Avoids Triumphalism and Accommodation

Some would say that cultural engagement is not a proper goal for Christians. That would be a mistake.

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Pascal’s Method for Presenting the Christian Faith

Only if their imagination is captured will most give a fair hearing to the strong arguments for the truth of Christianity.

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When Sin Is Grievous and Grace Is Stunning

Deeper knowledge of sin leads to richer rejoicing in grace.

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Why You Can’t See Your Biggest Flaws

We have too many layers of self-justification to grow without hard knocks.

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Forgive Us These Faults

While our faults always seem small to us due to the natural self-justification of the heart, you can be sure they don’t look so small to others.

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Keller Clarifies Position on Same-Sex Marriage

A recent article on the Huffington Post reported on a discussion among journalists about how younger evangelicals view the issue of same-sex marriage.

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Why Studying Doctrine Is the Best Medicine

Bad doctrine is harmful to your health.

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Preaching that Cuts to the Heart

I can easily imagine some (especially younger) preachers will aspire to imitate my method and miss the underlying principle.

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Gospel Ministry vs. False Ministry

A gospel-energized ministry does not need to have fans who are emotionally dependent on the leaders.

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The Power of Deep Rest

Anyone who cannot obey God’s command to observe the Sabbath is a slave, even a self-imposed one.

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