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Tim Keller is the senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Manhattan, New York. He is also co-founder and vice president of The Gospel Coalition. For more resources by Tim Keller visit Redeemer City to City.

The Counterintuitive Calvin

To furnish our hearts with more assurance of God’s love is the ultimate purpose of the Institutes.

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Catechesis Miscellanies

Catechism teaches a lost art—the art of meditation and slow reflection.

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Why Write New Catechisms?

New catechisms are always needed to present doctrine in ways that equip people to address the idols and answer the errors of the age.

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Why Catechesis Now?

Our people desperately need richer, more comprehensive instruction. Returning to catechesis—now—is one important way to give it.

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Changing the City with the Gospel Takes a Movement

A gospel city movement is organic and self-propagating, the result of a set of forces that interact, support, sustain, and stimulate one another.

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The Faith to Doubt Christianity

A gospel-shaped apologetic starts not with telling people what to believe, but by showing them their real problem.

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In Defense of Apologetics

A gospel-shaped apologetic must not simply present Christianity, but it must also challenge the non-believer’s worldview and show where it, and they, have a real problem.

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Making Sense of Scripture’s ‘Inconsistency’

It would be deeply inconsistent with the teaching of the Bible as a whole if we were to continue to follow the ceremonial laws.

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An Agenda for Recovering Christianity in America

Each of Ross Douthat’s positive proposals for Christian recovery takes aim at one or two of the factors that have led to the decline.

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Why Is Christianity on the Decline in America?

Theological modernists and liberals are often blamed for the decline. But it can’t be as simple as that.

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