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Where to Find Real Simplicity

We set out to to eat, pray, love, but we often end up with binge, purge, regret.

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Nehemiah Helps Point the Way

Even in the midst of our struggles, we get to trust and obey the same faithful God and his same faithful Word. Nehemiah helps point the way.

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Skip the Verse, Memorize the Book: Andrew Davis on Extended Bible Memorization

How can we keep our mind fixed on God’s Word when we keep it trapped in our Bibles?

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9 Things You Should Know About Prayer in the Bible

Do you know how many prayer are mentioned in the Bible (and how many were answered)?

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Our Fearful Apologetic

If, when in contact with the world we are called to bless, we lash out in anger and judgment, we have to wonder if we have lost the plot.

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Are You a Heretic?

Justin Holcomb on the relevance of creeds and confessions, today’s most ‘live’ heresies, threats on the horizon, and more.

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Was the Ascension Bad Evangelism Strategy?

Jesus’ physical absence is better for us than his continued physical presence.

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I Love My Black Letter Bible

If you love Jesus, you’ll love his voice wherever it appears, even in the black letters.

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Holding Fast to Truth in a Doubting Age

Like the innocent man Pilate sentenced to death, truth has a way of coming back to life.

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When Jesus Said Farewell

Love for the world motivated by anything other than love for Jesus inevitably fails to offer the kind of love the world needs.

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