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What Makes a Missional Community Different?

A missional community is not a Bible study, but a missional community studies the Bible.

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Does the Book of Acts Command Socialism?

There are three major reasons why Acts 2-5 does not teach socialism.

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When You’re in the Crosshairs of Anxiety

Truth is recognized in quietness and galvanized in prayer.

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How to Win Your City

We can settle down and start small. And if God is truly in control, there’s a good chance he’ll use us to win big.

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When Carl Henry Trash-Talked with Karl Barth

If you’ve never heard of Carl Henry or don’t know where to begin, Thornbury and Hansen are good guides.

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The Marathoner’s Fragile Glory

Tragedy has a way of making God relevant. And at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, it took only seconds.

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Cultivate Gospel Conversations by Listening

We who have the greatest message in the world—the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ—ought to be the clearest and most compelling communicators.

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I Owe My Home to Edith Schaeffer

When we provide a Christ-centered atmosphere, we reflect the artistry, beauty, and order of God.

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The Death of Despair

Things may seem to be falling apart now; the center may indeed be crumbling. Yet because Christ has overcome, we can take heart.

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Keller Clarifies Position on Same-Sex Marriage

A recent article on the Huffington Post reported on a discussion among journalists about how younger evangelicals view the issue of same-sex marriage.

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