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Resources for Wrestling with Contentment

What does Christianity offer to discontented people like us in an unsatisfying world like this? Exactly what we need.

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Deep Before Wide: A Vision for Returning Discipleship to the Church

Randy Pope discusses his vision for and experience with church-anchored discipleship over the past 25 years.

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Why Nehemiah?

Why Nehemiah? It speaks right into today. In any corner of the globe.

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How Complementarian Teaching Shaped My Life

It is easy to understand how even young believers or confused believers, living in a sensual culture, can fail to understand God’s standards for purity, gender, and marriage.

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S1NGLE—God’s Gifts: Our Plans

Join Redeemer for this conference to hear personal stories, theological reflections, and a Q&A dialogue about being single.

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Platform Building and the Gospel: Band of Bloggers

How do we make much of Christ when it seems so necessary to make much of our work?

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Women’s Conferences . . . Why?

I think TGCW14 should be attended by any woman who wants to grow in her love for the Lord, in the skills of handling the Word accurately, and in learning to pass this faith on to the next generation.

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Join Us at Clarus ’14 to Wrestle with Contentment

Clarus is the Southwest regional conference of TGC held this year from March 14 to 16 at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque.

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The Gospel Coalition: Historical Anomaly?

Watch Ryan Kelly highlight the historical precedent for networks like TGC.

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Christmas According to Luke

A free teaching excerpt on Jesus’ birth from scholars David Morland and Don Carson.

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