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Trends Among Evangelicals Entering Ministry

Three respected presidents discuss trends among young evangelicals entering ministry today.

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Evidences of a Maturing Evangelical Mind

Three respected institutional presidents discuss evidences of a recovered and maturing evangelical mind.

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Rethinking the Student’s Place in Missions

With increased government restrictions in the 10/40 window, academia is uniquely placed to open doors for the gospel in ways no other discipline can.

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I Wouldn’t Trade Seminary for Anything

Embrace your seminary experience, just not too tightly.

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Studying Doesn’t End with Classes

Faithful ministers need to be continual students of the Word and of their people.

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Seminary Is Not the End

I’s entirely too easy to get lost in the academic world and lose contact with why you are there.

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Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: Homeward Bound

Though we regularly re-evaluate our decision to homeschool, these have been precious years as a family.

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The War Over Rights Is a Door for the Gospel

The more we can prompt people to think deeply about where rights come from, the more plausible the gospel will seem to them.

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Can God Save a Fundamentalist School?

It was a fundamentalist school in every meaningful sense of the word, and none of us expected that to change.

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Telling the Story from the Bible

Children’s story bibles are not Bibles and, it turns out, neither are they for children.

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