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A Different Kind of Back Alley

The message that women should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own bodies over time evolved into the reality that doctors could do whatever they want to those women without oversight.

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Give a Gift that Encourages

Thank God the gospel of Jesus Christ never bores, never breaks, and never goes out of style!

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Justice for Jerry—And Us

The Sandusky trial proves that no one can compensate for atrocious acts with good deeds.

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All Oppression Will Cease, Even in North Korea

There is nothing so liberating as the news that we have a better King and an eternal hope.

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Productive for the Glory of God, Good of Neighbors

I don’t think pastors are called to become experts in international finance. However, I do think the European crisis intersects with the daily work of stewarding the mysteries of God and equipping the saints for discipleship in the American context.

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Good News from Egypt

True believers should not fear. The best antidote to fear is love. We do not fear those we love.

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Christian Hope and the UK Riots

Editor’s note: London-based blogger Adrian Warnock shares his perspective on the troubling events in the UK. More details of the emerging situation and further Christian responses to these events are available on

We have seen inner-city riots before. As these events began they initially seemed to be following a similar pattern. The trigger was a fatal shooting by police during an arrest. To understand why such an event could trigger a riot, it is important to understand two things. First, in the UK regular police do not carry guns, and as a result deaths by police shooting is very uncommon here. Such deaths by their unusual nature often make the national news. Second, the death happened in Tottenham, an area of London in which many youths feel angry with the police. A peaceful vigil outside the local police station then triggered a violent reaction and rioting.

The first night of riots was localized in Tottenham but rather extreme in its nature. The devastation–the like of which some are saying has not been seen since World War II–has shocked the nation. But the events since then have angered and upset us even more. In an unprecedented manner disorder spread the following day, initially to nearby Enfield, where the church I attend is based, then to other parts of London and to other cities in the nation.

The disturbances have tended to be caused by groups of 20 to 200 youths rather than mass mobs, making policing more challenging. There appears …

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Returning Evil for Evil: The Snickering Consent of Prison Rape

Justice is a fickle word. The way we often use it, you’d think that it’s more malleable than it actually is. We often use it in a way that fits our cause. For our enemies, the word is used more severely. For ourselves, well, we’d like a little Christian grace along with it.

In the case of prison rapes, we–even Christians–often use the word justice corruptly.

In the July issue of Reason, Lovisa Stannow wonders why the government is doing so little to end sexual assault in prison. She reports that the U.S. Department of Justice’s study of the number of inmates who are sexually abused concluded that at least 216,600 inmates were victimized in 2008 alone. Surprisingly, however,

[M]ost of the perpetrators were not other prisoners but staff members–corrections officials whose job it is to keep inmates safe. On average, each victim was abused between three and five times over the course of the year. The vast majority were too fearful of reprisals to seek help or file a formal complaint (emphasis mine).

That’s around 600 assault victims a day with authorities chiefly responsible. Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act in 2003, but implementation has been slow, according to Stannow, for reasons that aren’t clear.

I’m not sure about all of Stannow’s conclusions, but I’m not surprised that prison rape is low on the list of social ills we want to eradicate. Take for instance, the fact that prison rape is a …

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‘I’m a Gospel-Person’

The March 21 issue of Towers, published by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, includes an interview with Don Carson, president and co-founder of The Gospel Coalition. He talks with managing editor Aaron Cline Hanbury about why he sees himself as more of a pastor than a professor. He also explains how he ended up training pastors in the United States rather than serving as a pastor himself in Canada.

Whatever title you give him, though, Carson explains what truly defines him:

What drives me, in fact, is not first and foremost what label is attached to me functionally, but the gospel itself. In other words, as highly as I want to emphasize the local church and pastoral ministry–and pastoral ministry primarily being ministry of the Word–the presupposition behind all that is the non-negotiability and importance of the gospel. So I’m happy to say I think of myself primarily as a pastor, but fundamentally, I’m a gospel-person.

Read the rest of the interview and the whole issue of Towers, which explores the relationship between the church and the seminary.

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Not Just Shoeboxes: Operation Christmas Child Focuses on Discipleship

Today marks the beginning of National Collections Week for Operation Christmas Child (OCC)–the annual evangelistic project of Samaritan’s Purse. Each year an estimated 75,000 churches participate in this program, which sends millions of shoeboxes worldwide to needy children in underdeveloped countries. Last year, more than 8 million children in more than 100 countries received a shoebox full of school supplies, toys, candy, and an evangelistic booklet, “The Greatest Gift of All.”

If you are not familiar with OCC, here is how it works. Participants pack a shoebox full of goodies. Some families choose to include a photo and a short note. These shoeboxes are then shipped all over the world, where they are distributed at one of the 65,000 sites along with an hour-long gospel presentation. This massive undertaking involves an incredible amount of volunteers and coordination, making it perhaps one of the largest annual evangelistic efforts coming out of the developed world. About 5.5 million of the gifts come out of the United States, while 2.7 million gifts come from other sending countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Since its beginning, OCC has stayed true to its mission: “To demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

I’ve always thought the shoebox thing was a great idea. My kids have a blast being a part of it, and I am blown away by how many people …

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