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St. Patrick: Reclaiming the Great Missionary

Let’s take back our beloved servant of Christ and share God’s glory achieved during the life of Patrick the missionary to Ireland.

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Battle of Science vs. Religion: Necessary or Evil?

Red vs. Blue. Alabama vs. Auburn. Ford vs. Chevy. Two rivals enter the arena. Only one rival will leave victorious.

Heated though these rivalries may be, they don’t compare to the winner-take-all struggle for the soul of the West. Science vs. Religion dictates our debates and defines our times. The closely watched debate on the origins of life between Ken Ham and Bill Nye confirmed this adversarial narrative. As did a recent essay in the New Yorker, in which Adam Gopnik observed, “Surprisingly few people who have considered the alternatives—few among the caucus who consciously stand up, voting aye or nay—believe any longer in God.” Writing in his widely influential book A Secular Age, the eminent philosopher Charles Taylor argues that Science is winning the argument against Religion not primarily on the facts so much as the intuition: would you rather be on the side of reason and progress or dogma and repression?

Has the argument always been shaped this way? Will it always be this way?

For these answers and more I turned to John D. Woodbridge, research professor of church history and the history of Christian thought at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Along with co-author Frank A. James III, he recently published Church History Volume Two: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day. Among other topics in this 30-minute interview, we discussed the decline of Christianity in the West, challenges to biblical authority, and the damage of Darwinism. Stay tuned for the end of the interview when Woodbridge offers …

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Let’s Discard the N-Word and Uncle Tom Myth

Regardless of the ethno-racial group that directs racist rhetoric toward another group, hate-speech is sinful and, therefore, dishonors God.

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9 Things You Should Know About Black History Month

Nine things you need to know about the history of the observance.

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9 Things You Should Know About the Holocaust

Nine things you should know about one of the most horrific genocidal campaigns in history.

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Finding Sexual Freedom in Augustine’s Confessions

No matter the variety, intensity, or orientation, sex will fail us if our meaning and identity are tied up in it.

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The Science of Sound: Whitefield’s Massive Crowds

George Whitefield was the most spectacular preacher of the First Great Awakening in Britain and America, drawing revival audiences reported in the tens of thousands. Is that even possible?

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We Need Gospel Patrons

The calling of a gospel patron has a long and beautiful history, filled with gripping stories of those rare men and women whose generosity changed the world.

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9 Things You Should Know About the Council of Trent

What evangelicals should know about the Roman Catholic council and the decrees it issued.

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The Speech that Launched the Crusades

Why did almost everyone agree with Urban, when his thoughts seem so clearly false to us?

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