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Feeling Shame Is Not Repentance

We need not only forgiveness from past sin, but also renewed joy that preserve us from future sin.

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Crack, Meth, Addiction, and the Puritans

When our joy and pleasure in Christ is superior to the payoff of sin, we choose Christ over the sin and its payoff.

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Gospel-Centered Manhood: The Cultivator

The cultivator works the soils of his life that he might bless others with the fruit of his labor.

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Is Self-Sacrifice Ultimately Selfish?

If joy is a fruit of the spirit, why would God want us to feel bad for doing something good?

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I’m Not Afraid to Raise Daughters

Do you think that your sons are at less risk to be harmed by wrong decisions? There are always consequences for sin—some of them just gestate longer.

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Down with the Tyrant!

Evil over-reached, and in so doing, destroyed itself. So take up your freedom, given in Christ Jesus, and experience the liberating power of grace.

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Why Did Jesus Take on Human Flesh?

Jesus took on flesh in order to crucify our flesh.

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The Self-Righteous Wife

We are not called to be our husband’s “holy spirit.”

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5 Signs You Glorify Self

Self-glory will cause you to speak too much when you should listen and to feel no need to speak when you surely should.

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Confession Time for Pastors

Cry for the help that you need. Your Savior is near, and he is both willing and able.

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