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What Do You Have that You Did Not Receive?

When things are great and our basic needs are met, we tend to forget our actual impoverished condition.

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Why Don’t Calvinists Care About Missions?

How blessed it would be to answer this question so convincingly that no one thinks to ask; all will know that Calvinists really do care about missions.

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China on Course to Become ‘World’s Most Christian Nation’

The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America.

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St. Patrick: Reclaiming the Great Missionary

Let’s take back our beloved servant of Christ and share God’s glory achieved during the life of Patrick the missionary to Ireland.

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TGC IO Update: ESV Global Study Bible Distribution

By God’s grace we were able to distribute 2,656 Bibles to church leaders in 28 countries.

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Global Theology in English: Promising or Problematic?

We must proceed with sensitivity as we explore the precedents, problems, and possibilities of English as a common theological language.

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Returning Home to Ex-Cannibals

Fifty years after his first arrival among the Sawi people, ‘Peace Child’ author Don Richardson returns to reunite with the tribe. Does a gospel church still remain?

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Christian, You Are Crazy

An experienced global Christian talks street preachers, spousal skirmishes, why he packed his bags for the Middle East, and more.

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TGC Hires Seth Magnuson and Expands Translation Efforts

Our new director for translated content strategies will leads an expanded translation initiative, which significantly increases our bandwidth in resourcing the global church.

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Relief Still Needed for the Philippines

Continue to pray for the people and the church in the Philippines as they rebuild their lives and communities.

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