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On My Shelf: Life and Books with Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler reveals what’s on his nightstand, books he re-reads, his favorite biographies, and more.

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Take God at His Word: Kevin DeYoung on the Character of Scripture

Kevin DeYoung discusses the character of Scripture, bibliolatry, threats on the horizon, and more.

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Mama’s Hands Are Full: Gloria Furman on Treasuring Christ in the Trenches

As a mom, this book was the perfect word of truth and encouragement my weary heart needed.

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Deep Before Wide: A Vision for Returning Discipleship to the Church

Randy Pope discusses his vision for and experience with church-anchored discipleship over the past 25 years.

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‘Non-Shepherding’ Pastors: Option or Oxymoron?

Watch J. D. Greear, Bryan Chapell, and Mike McKinley consider the legitimacy of a ‘non-shepherding’ pastor.

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Where to Discover Christ in the Old Testament

As followers of the risen Messiah, how do we read the Old Testament and anticipate Christ in a responsible way?

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Restless for More of God: Jennie Allen on Holy Discontent

No change in our lives or in our world is made without a stirring for something greater—something more.

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Reaching Hearts with Hip-Hop

The traditional hip-hop culture is pretty misogynistic, prideful, and arrogant. We want to change that. We want to create music from the church, for the culture.

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Preventing Sexual Abuse in the Church

Far from being anti-grace, policies preventing abuse extend grace for our children.

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Let’s Talk About . . . You-Know-What

Where the sex debate is heading, whether pro-life Christians should use the pill, what God thinks of singleness, and more.

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