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Struggling to Love in the Face of Evil

How on earth are we supposed to love a culture that refuses to love itself?

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Why Youth Ministers Need to Be Theologians

The world bears down with ferocity on the fledging faith of Christian youth. So why should we expect any less theological rigor from our pastors who serve them?

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4 Ways to Minister to Older Saints

If we younger ministers would only humble ourselves and seek out relationships, we can gain untold wisdom from the many older and faithful souls in our churches.

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R-Rated Texts for an R-Rated World

Consider these 6 suggestions for preaching R-rated texts to an R-rated world.

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Why Don’t Calvinists Care About Missions?

How blessed it would be to answer this question so convincingly that no one thinks to ask; all will know that Calvinists really do care about missions.

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Restoration in the South Bronx

When I walk around my community, I know in my bones that this place was built for the gospel.

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How to Work Ahead on Sermon Prep

With a little discipline and patience, you can break out of the week-to-week writing pace and give your heart and mind room to breathe.

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Should Churches Offer Vocational Retraining for Fallen Pastors?

No fallen pastor who is a child of God disqualifies himself from his Father’s promise to provide.

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When You’re Waiting in the Wilderness

Faithfully executing God’s call in modest ministry contexts is not selling out. God works wonders in the wilderness.

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We Proclaim Him: Signs of Grace in the Twin Cities

When the gospel of Jesus Christ renews churches, a spirit of cooperation and celebration replaces their tendency toward parochialism and territorialism.

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