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College Senior Project: An Accountant, a Nutritionist, and a Football Coach

Because the gospel transforms every area of life, I have the freedom to follow a career path and bring great glory to God with everything I do.

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My Brother Zach

Zach is simply an honest, genuine guy who shows everyone genuine Christ-like love and affection that isn’t based upon reaching some ethnic conversion quota.

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Returning Home to Ex-Cannibals

Fifty years after his first arrival among the Sawi people, ‘Peace Child’ author Don Richardson returns to reunite with the tribe. Does a gospel church still remain?

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Hearing God in the Midst of Suicidal Thoughts

It’s hard to admit that I thought life was so hard that I wanted to end it.

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The Beauty of ‘Boring’ Testimonies

If we can’t see the beauty of a redemption story, the problem isn’t with the story: the problem is with us.

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Questioning Within the Borders of Faith

If the Scriptures are up for grabs, how can I have any assurance about reality? And given the eternal stakes involved, how can I begin to sort through it all?

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Redemption for the Scars

So many of us in the church bear invisible scars. And while over time they may fade into the background, they still bleed for some.

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The Remedy to Religious Guilt

Change can be slow and arduous, especially if you were raised in a religious tradition that strongly emphasizes the role of human merit.

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From Mad Marxist to Compassionate Conservative

From an atheistic Marxist to compassionate Christian, journalist Marvin Olasky wants to express intense awareness of his own story of sin and Christ’s glory.

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Heart at Risk, Heart at Rest

Living with the possibility of cardiac arrest at any moment, Julie Manning and her family find hope, peace, and courage in God.

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