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Why Youth Ministers Need to Be Theologians

The world bears down with ferocity on the fledging faith of Christian youth. So why should we expect any less theological rigor from our pastors who serve them?

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Identity Myopia and the Maker’s Image

Hannah Anderson on identity myopia, singleness, motherhood, physical appearance, and more.

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How to Preach Books of the Bible You Don’t Like

Watch Bryan Chapell, J. D. Greear, and Mike McKinley discuss preaching through tough sections of Scripture.

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Deep Before Wide: A Vision for Returning Discipleship to the Church

Randy Pope discusses his vision for and experience with church-anchored discipleship over the past 25 years.

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‘Non-Shepherding’ Pastors: Option or Oxymoron?

Watch J. D. Greear, Bryan Chapell, and Mike McKinley consider the legitimacy of a ‘non-shepherding’ pastor.

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Should Every Pastor Get a Sabbatical?

Two pastors and a businessman discuss whether it’s really necessary for every pastor to get a sabbatical.

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S1NGLE—God’s Gifts: Our Plans

Join Redeemer for this conference to hear personal stories, theological reflections, and a Q&A dialogue about being single.

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The Gospel at Work: Questions and Answers

How can there be gain for the gospel as cultural Christianity disappears?

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Where to Discover Christ in the Old Testament

As followers of the risen Messiah, how do we read the Old Testament and anticipate Christ in a responsible way?

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What Not to Say to Someone Who’s Suffering

The mandatory happiness we require inside the church often perpetuates the pain people feel.

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