Christian Reflections on Mental Illness

A biblical understanding of humanity and the importance of the soul demonstrates that problems do not have to be medical to be serious.

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Three Kinds of Shame

Wise counselors and teachers recognize shame’s complexity, and they seek to understand the mud before laboring to clean it.

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Tools for Spiritual Cardiology

Here are 9 questions for diagnosing doubt in our patients.

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Naked and Unashamed

We can face our shame because we’ve been given new clothes in Christ.

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Should You Study Counseling Outside Christian Institutions? Yes and No

The academic and professional guilds are persuasive when you function under their presuppositions rather than God’s.

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Two Sides of the Counseling Coin

Great cohesion does not eliminate distinction between the two strands in the movement.

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How Biblical is Biblical Counseling?

I want to give only one piece of very simple yet very radical counsel.

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Thinking Theologically About Depression: Its Causes and Cures

Depression shouldn’t surprise us, given what we know about sin and our need for full and final redemption.

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5 Signs Waiting Has Weakened Your Faith

Waiting is God’s way of giving us time to consider his glory, grow stronger in faith, and grow in courage for ministry.

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God’s Will for Your Wait

Because your wait is not outside of his plan, but a vital and necessary part of it, God is with you in your wait.

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