Christian, You Are Crazy

An experienced global Christian talks street preachers, spousal skirmishes, why he packed his bags for the Middle East, and more.

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5 Ways Pastors Can Affirm Faith, Calling, and Vocation

Churches should regularly communicate implicitly that they value the connection between faith and work.

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I Wouldn’t Trade Seminary for Anything

Embrace your seminary experience, just not too tightly.

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5 Ways to Discern a Call to Overseas Ministry

A year ago I never envisioned myself living outside the States. Now I couldn’t imagine wanting to live anywhere but the Middle East.

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Four Lies About Introverts

The more I rest in God’s gracious acceptance of me in Christ, the more freed I am to be my introverted self for his glory.

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The Power of Deep Rest

Anyone who cannot obey God’s command to observe the Sabbath is a slave, even a self-imposed one.

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The Ministry Divide

Since the dawn of the church age, and certainly since the Reformation, the global church has continued to struggle with the divide between clergy and layman. Full-time ministry often becomes a goal that many seek as a next step in spiritual growth, leaving some outside of the ministry with feelings of guilt for not giving Christ their all and some within the ministry with feelings of frustration in not finding the satisfaction they thought they would find. But ministry is not meant to create a divide within the body, and we need our pastors to continue to teach us that we are all priests, ministers, and ambassadors for Jesus.

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