Against the Separation of Marriage and State

The desire for morally neutral government is an attempt to have our cake and eat it, too.

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Can We Trade Sexual Morality for Church Growth?

Sexual morality didn’t become difficult with the onset of the sexual revolution. It always has been.

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God’s Scissors and the Cloth of Creation

The cloth of creation, cut into man and woman, was the medium through which the infinite God chose to display his image.

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Is Sexual Orientation Analogous to Race?

An examination of the question of whether whether race and sexual orientation are similar and equally deserving of legal protections.

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You Are What—and How—You Read

LGBTQ activism on college campuses is the world I helped create.

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The Gospel for a Gay Friend

In the end, we aren’t trying to make people straight, we want people to be saved.

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Let’s Talk About . . . You-Know-What

Where the sex debate is heading, whether pro-life Christians should use the pill, what God thinks of singleness, and more.

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Why Desmond Tutu Is So Right and So Wrong

We must not mistake revulsion toward homosexual activity with the biblical warnings against it as if our own sin is any less revolting.

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Letter to a Struggling Gay Christian

Conversion doesn’t mean perfection, and it doesn’t mean the absence of temptation, including homosexual desire.

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The Bible of the Sacred Self

Rummaging through the attic of my mind not so long ago, my eyes fell upon an ancient, dark, incriminating text.

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