Failing with Family

It takes only one poisonous slip of the tongue or outburst of anger to completely destroy our credibility and strip us of relational capital.

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The Danger of ‘What This Really Means’

Humility does the hard work of actually listening to others. What’s more, humility teaches us to question ourselves.

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The Danger of Self-Awareness in Preaching

Be yourself and don’t be too conscious of yourself. Just preach the Word of God.

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Sneering Calvinists

Stop sneering and ask God to humble you enough to be helpful to those offended at or wrestling with those doctrines you now hold dear.

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Confessions of a Reluctant Servant

As this reluctant servant has learned, God does not call the capable, he makes capable the called.

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You Can Lead with Influence

We follow influential leaders, not because we have to, but because we want to.

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C. S. Lewis on Selfishness vs. Self-Interest

It is not in our self-interest to be selfish. Rather, self-denial is in our self-interest.

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Don’t Drink the Dirty Water

We’re drinking from contaminated water if we believe that we’re the water others long for.

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The Beauty in the Busy

As you start another year of ministry, pursue joy and humility amid the wondrous weight of the task.

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5 More Signs You Glorify Self

Self-glory turns those who have been chosen and called to be ambassadors into self-appointed kings.

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