Sabbath Rest and the Moral Limits of Consumption

The market will make sure we get what we want. Let’s make sure that what we want is what is really good for us.

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Calvin on Lent and Ministry to Roman Catholics

The influence of Christian virtue on verbal etiquette has delivered us from the violent vituperations of yesteryear.

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John Calvin, Missionary and Church Planter

Church planting and missions isn’t a byproduct of the young Reformed resurgence of the last decade but something embedded in the Reformation’s God-centered commitment to advancing the gospel.

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“Two Kinds of Popularity”

For much of his life, John Calvin had two close friends — Farel and Viret. Farel was very hot-headed and out-spoken, while Viret was of very mild temperament, an instinctive peace-keeper. Farel often came to Geneva and stayed at Calvin’s home, where, sometimes with Viret, the friends would have long talks about theology and current events over a glass. Calvin delighted in the company of his zealous friend. Nevertheless, as time went on he came to see that Farel’s inflexible nature made him a doughty defender but a limited propagator of the gospel. He often sent his own discourses and letters to Viret, whose job was to moderate his language. Calvin himself had been more hot-headed as a young man, and he worked to curb his own tongue.

After Farel inappropriately denounced a prominent woman in Geneva from the pulpit, which turned her whole family against him, Calvin wrote him a remarkable letter:

When you have Satan to combat, and you fight under Christ’s banner, he who puts on your armor and draws you into battle will give you the victory. But … we only earnestly desire that insofar as your duty permits you will accommodate yourself more to the people. There are, as you know, two kinds of popularity: the one, when we seek favor from motives of ambition and the desire of pleasing; the other, when, by fairness and moderation, we gain their esteem so as to make them teachable by us. You must forgive us if we deal rather …

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With Calvin in the Theater of God

Speaking of conferences, the Desiring God 2009 National Conference begins today. The good folks at DG have created a Website for the conference including a live blog (and Twitter stream) that will keep those of us that can’t attend updated on the event. Here’s the welcome post from Eric Johnson:

Welcome to the Desiring God 2009 National Conference! We’re excited to worship and learn with you and look forward to an amazing weekend. When the conference kicks off on Friday evening, watch this space for live blog updates, photos, and summaries of each session posted by DG staff and volunteers. We trust this site will help both those in attendance and those following along at home to feel even more connected to what’s happening during this year’s conference. Thanks for your interest and support. We thank God for you all!

To learn more about the Desiring God 2009 National Conference including speaker bios, go here. Please see the video below where John Piper explains what we can learn from Calvin today.

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