Cultural Engagement that Avoids Triumphalism and Accommodation

Some would say that cultural engagement is not a proper goal for Christians. That would be a mistake.

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Jesus Is Better

Christians don’t lead safe lives. They lead joyfully purposeful ones, because Jesus is better.

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Feeling Shame Is Not Repentance

We need not only forgiveness from past sin, but also renewed joy that preserve us from future sin.

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Is Self-Sacrifice Ultimately Selfish?

If joy is a fruit of the spirit, why would God want us to feel bad for doing something good?

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5 Ways to Find Joy in a Job You Don’t Love

Find yourself in Christ alone, and you will find joy in any job circumstance.

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Fight for Joy on Valentine’s Day

As a Christian single on Valentine’s Day, you couldn’t be more loved.

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The Beauty in the Busy

As you start another year of ministry, pursue joy and humility amid the wondrous weight of the task.

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Our Delightfully Strange World

It is goodness that we are not equipped to handle, sorrow and suffering become our friends.

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Trembling Joy: Emotional Paradox in the Christian Life

We have all heard that the word “blessed” means “happy.” True enough. But the kind of happiness that “blessed” conveys is something that transcends the typical American definitions of happiness. It communicates a satisfaction and contentment that is firmly settled in the soul. It isn’t touched by the trivial. It communicates a sense of joy that more often than not is expressed by tears rather than laughter. It isn’t inspired by jokes.

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DG Pastors Conference Live Stream

Can’t be in Minneapolis for the 2010 Desiring God Pastors Conference beginning tonight? Watch the live video stream here. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the trailer:

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