Arcade Fire Talks to Missionaries

Sometimes when culture criticizes Christians about their lack of culture, it’s an opportunity not to be defensive but rejoice in common grace.

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From Megadeth to Life

Conversions like these bring a ton of glory to God and untold joy to my heart because they remind me that there are no unredeemable sinners.

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New Music Project Helps Kids Learn Theology

We hope you can use these songs to help teach your kids important truths about God.

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The Essentials of Congregational Worship

Paul Tripp, Mike Cosper, and Matt Boswell explore what’s non-negotiable in gathered worship.

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Derek Webb Was Wrong, He’s Sorry, and He Loves You

This isn’t a new Derek Webb, or a return to the old Derek Webb, but a more winsome Webb who continues to point to Jesus for hope as he critiques and agitates.

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Truth We Believe and Songs We Sing

Don Carson, Keith Getty, and Matt Boswell discuss theology and music in a new roundtable.

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Follow Our New Blog: TGC Worship

Christian worship is built upon, shaped by, and saturated with the Word of God.

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The Well Can’t Run Dry: Andrew Peterson on Plumbing the Depths of the Gospel

Whatever creative things God has in store for me must flow out of this first commitment to become more like Jesus.

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Now in Production: Songs for the Book of Luke

It’s surprisingly easy to get together and make music when there’s a common commitment to keep Christ at the center.

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Why Posture Matters in Worship

Posture outwardly expresses an inward reality. Our body naturally acts the way our hearts feel.

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