By all means let us strive to love doctrine and holiness in equal measure.

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Confessions of a Woman Who Didn’t Like Theology

We need your help. But be willing to help us in humility, without getting exasperated.

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DeYoung, Duncan, and Mohler: What’s New About the New Calvinism

Certain shared beliefs on the authority of Scripture, sovereignty of God, sovereignty of grace, and gender roles in the home and in the church unite the movement commonly called new Calvinism. Beyond a Reformed superstructure, though, you’ll find an eclectic doctrinal mix and match. In this video, two traditional Reformed confessionalists—Kevin DeYoung and Ligon Duncan—discuss the appeal and challenges of the new Calvinism with a Southern Baptist, Albert Mohler.

Whatever you want to label the movement, Mohler says, we can all be excited about the sustenance younger evangelicals are finding for gospel ministry in the authoritative Scriptures. Yet a dynamic, enthusiastic coalition built around core convictions cannot substitute for settling in a particular church home where you can learn about ecclesiology, baptism, covenant, and a host of other important issues.

All three men will participate in The Gospel Coalition’s 2011 national conference, April 12 to 14, in downtown Chicago. Mohler will preach from John 5:31-47, while Duncan will participate in a panel on preaching from the Old Testament. DeYoung will lead a workshop with Greg Gilbert on “The Mission of the Church.” You can register today for the conference and benefit from early-bird rates that expire October 31.

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The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

Thabiti Anyabwile over at Pure Church highlights an important upcoming conference available through live Web stream:

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is making The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 2010 available for live stream.  This year’s conference theme is “These Last Days: A Christian View of History” and includes D.A. Carson, Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Horton, Richard Phillips, Phil Ryken, and Cornel Venema.  Should be a fabulous study of God’s word!  The conference webcast begins Friday April 30th at 9am and continues through the weekend.  Find the details and register here.

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Young, Restless, Reformed–and Famous?

Carl Trueman has a thoughtful article at Reformation21 on what the media has labeled the “Young, Restless, and Reformed” (YRR) movement in America. In “The Nameless One” Trueman makes several critical observations about this spike in interest in Reformed theology.

Before launching into his critique, Trueman offers this qualifier:

Let me preface this by saying that the more people reading the Bible, the better, as far as I am concerned; the more people going to church and hearing the gospel preached, the more we should all be rejoicing; and the more people studying the writings of Calvin, Owen and company, the happier we should all be.

Nevertheless, “there are a number of things which should give some cause for critical reflection on this new interest in Reformed theology.” His critique falls under four primary headings. Let me summarize them in four warnings:

    Beware the cult of personality
    Beware of universalizing ministry paradigms
    Beware of embracing Reformed theology for merely pragmatic reasons
    Beware of unrealistic expectations for the normal Christian life

Trueman closes by reminding us that even if the YRR movement in America has advanced due to mere “marketable trendiness” there is no cause for panic. Why?

We will still be left with the boring, mundane and nameless people and culturally irrelevant and marginal churches–the nameless ones–upon whose anonymous contributions, past and present, most of us actually depend.

Read the whole thing. And pray that God would continue to raise up “the nameless ones.”

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