How Complementarian Teaching Shaped My Life

It is easy to understand how even young believers or confused believers, living in a sensual culture, can fail to understand God’s standards for purity, gender, and marriage.

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You Are What—and How—You Read

LGBTQ activism on college campuses is the world I helped create.

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Motivate Your Son to Use Pornography

Porn training doesn’t happen by volition. It happens by default if parents aren’t attuned to the kind of home they’ve created.

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The Gospel for a Gay Friend

In the end, we aren’t trying to make people straight, we want people to be saved.

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Fighting Porn by F.A.I.T.H.

Temptation is like cotton candy, empty and unfulfilling; truth is like cold steel, unyielding and enduring.

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Let’s Talk About . . . You-Know-What

Where the sex debate is heading, whether pro-life Christians should use the pill, what God thinks of singleness, and more.

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Gender Confused

In the absence of clear, biblical teaching on gender and sexuality, believers get folded in to the spirit of the age.

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9 Things You Should Know About Prison Rape

What you should know about sexual assaults in America’s prisons — and the efforts to end the epidemic.

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How to Destroy Your Marriage Before It Begins

Satan wants unmarried couples to get used to running on the caffeine and sugar of lust rather than mature love of service and sacrifice.

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Prove Your Gender

In standing against the gender and sexuality blur in our world today, Christians may unwittingly require our young people to prove themselves men or women.

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