What if Your 20s Weren’t What You Expected?

Although we consistently asked what would Jesus do, no one told us how important it was to learn how he dealt with suffering.

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Struggling to Love in the Face of Evil

How on earth are we supposed to love a culture that refuses to love itself?

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When God’s Sovereignty Scares You

If God were only sovereign, we’d have reason to fear. But he’s more than sovereign.

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I Lost My Dad in a Plane Crash, Too

My father’s body was never recovered in the Atlantic Ocean after crash. Needless to say, I’ve followed the story of the Malaysian flight with great interest.

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3 Ways to Think About God and Pain

There’s not one good answer for questions about God and suffering. People are complex, and so are God’s ways.

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What Not to Say to Someone Who’s Suffering

The mandatory happiness we require inside the church often perpetuates the pain people feel.

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How the Church Makes the Trial of Infertility Better (or Worse)

You’ll be better prepared to love and minister to those affected by infertility if you know a bit more about what it’s like to go through this trial.

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Scowling at the Angel

The last thought to pass through my mind before they took me completely under was that I would either wake up in recovery or in glory.

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Piper, Platt, and Chandler on God’s Goodness in Your Pain

Awareness of the bigness and majesty and sovereignty of God practically help those in the throes of perplexity and pain.

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The Glory in Your Pain

Three pastors explore the dimensions of divine grace available only in the crucibles of human suffering.

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