Are You Obeying the Third Commandment?

What hope for broken sinners: God rests his promise of mercy to us on his jealous, holy name.

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Why We Lament When We’re Not Lamenting

Lament even when you’re not lamenting so that when those dark clouds come, you will be spiritually nimble and know what songs to sing and what prayers to pray.

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Why Do We Sing?

To be stirred by singing is to be human, and it’s a means of grace to God’s church that such a gift is so easily accessible.

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Luke Album Named ‘Best of Best’

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the album and even led these songs in your churches!

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Announcing TGC’s Live Worship Album featuring Keith and Kristyn Getty

A brand-new worship album from Keith and Kristyn Getty—live at TGC13—available today.

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Derek Webb Was Wrong, He’s Sorry, and He Loves You

This isn’t a new Derek Webb, or a return to the old Derek Webb, but a more winsome Webb who continues to point to Jesus for hope as he critiques and agitates.

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Truth We Believe and Songs We Sing

Don Carson, Keith Getty, and Matt Boswell discuss theology and music in a new roundtable.

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Follow Our New Blog: TGC Worship

Christian worship is built upon, shaped by, and saturated with the Word of God.

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Lyrical Theology and Fal$e Teacher$: Shai Linne on Hip-Hop Polemics

Hip-hop can be great at pointing beyond itself.

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Songs for the Book of Luke: Music By the Church, for the Church

Many gifted songwriters, pastors, and artists serve local congregations with an eye toward both beauty and truth.

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