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Worship leaders around the U.S. collaborated on Songs for the Book of Luke, hoping to resource thousands of churches with songs for their corporate worship services.

At my church, Sojourn Church in Louisville, we’ve already led “Our Hearts Still Burn” several times. Listen to the track below (sung by Matt Boswell), and then let’s consider ways to use this song in our worship services:

D.A. Carson, President of The Gospel Coalition wrote “Our Hearts Still Burn” with Matt Boswell, Pastor of Ministries and Worship at Providence Church in Frisco, Texas. They based their text on the “Emmaus Walk” story in Luke 24. The melody is easy to sing, with a melodic range that is well in reach of the average, untrained vocalist.

At Sojourn we led “Our Hearts Still Burn” in this year’s Good Friday service, prior to the release of Songs For The Book of Luke. We’ve led it since then as a Communion hymn. “Our Hearts Still Burn” works for Good Friday and for any Communion service because, like the Emmaus passage itself, the song recounts Jesus’ sacrifice and then reminds us that it was prophesied in “the Prophets, the Law, the Psalms.”

“Our Hearts Still Burn” also works as a song for the Easter season, since the Emmaus story took place following Christ’s resurrection. And of course, it’s an ideal companion to sermons on Luke 24.

Finally, “Our Hearts Still Burn” works during any season of the year alongside a “Prayer of Illumination” – a prayer that immediately precedes the sermon, asking God to open our hearts and minds to the Word as it is preached. These lyrics naturally lead into such a prayer:

“Did our hearts not burn within us, as he spoke with us on the way
And our hearts still burn with fire as his Word speaks to us today”

You’ll find free sheet music and a chord chart for this song on the Songs for the Book of Luke album page. There, you can also watch a video that will show you how to lead “Our Hearts Still Burn” with just one vocalist and rhythm guitar.


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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Lead “Our Hearts Still Burn” In Gathered Worship”

  1. Gideon says:

    Can kindly post the lyrics?

  2. John Botkin says:

    As the pastor of a small church, I want to say thanks for the sheet music, chord charts, and demo videos. The music is great and those resources make it easy to adapt it for our worship services. Blessings!

  3. Martin says:

    As a worship leader, I prefer to choose songs sung TO God, instead of ABOUT God – primarily because I want the congregation (including myself) to express their praise and love of God TO Him. However, this is a good song – words, composition and instrumentation. I just may do this one. Thanks.

  4. Bobby Gilles says:


    As John mentioned in his comment, you can get the lyrics/chord chart/sheet music here (and a single-instrument demo video) for free. Here is the link:

  5. Joe Engbrecht says:

    Love the arrangement and the vocal melodies. Needs a big anthemic chorus to bring it all to a crescendo.

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Bobby Gilles has written several of Sojourn Music’s popular worship songs for albums like The Water and the Blood, and Before the Throne. He serves as director of communications for Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky.