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9Marks eJournal

The new 9Marks ejournal is just out.  This issue focuses on the important topic of pastoring women.  Ladies, be sure to forward the link to your pastors along with a note of appreciation, encouragement, or prayer for the Lord’s use of them to care for you and other ladies. Here are the contents:

Pastoring Women: Understanding and Honoring Distinctness

Why Complementarianism Is Crucial to Discipleship

By Jonathan LeemanIf God created men and women differently, discipleship should not be one-size-fits-all. It should cultivate their differences. Read more >

Discipling Men vs. Discipling Women

By Deepak RejuPractically speaking, how should a pastor disciple men and women differently? What kind of strategies and structures should he put in place? Read more >

How Pastors Can Equip Women for Ministry

By Bob JohnsonA seasoned pastor provides practical, down-to-earth counsel on training women for ministry. Read more >

The Genesis of Gender and Ecclesial Womanhood

By Owen StrachanGod uniquely created men and women. What does this mean for women's ministry in the local church? Read more >

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church

Wanted: More Older Women Discipling Younger Women

By Susan HuntTitus 2 commands it. Younger women are hungry for it. The church as a whole will benefit from it. So where are the older women who will disciple younger women? Read more >

For the Young Mother: Ministry, Guilt, and Seasons of Life

By Jani OrtlundYoung mothers face enormous demands that consume all the energy they have. Here's why they shouldn't feel guilty for focusing on the home rather than outside ministry. Read more >

May Women Serve as Pastors?

By Thomas R. SchreinerA trusted New Testament scholar takes on this contentious but crucial topic. Read more >

Resources for Today’s Biblical Women

Book Review: Radical Womanhood

Reviewed by Kristin JamiesonBefore I was a Christian, I was an angry feminist. I railed against the injustices I saw in the world and wrote impassioned papers about how women needed to free ourselves from oppression, but I didn't understand true freedom or how we obtain it. Read more >

Book Review: Womanly Dominion: More Than a Gentle and Quiet Spirit

Reviewed by Owen StrachanMaureen Dowd, an influential columnist for the New York Times, recently suggested that feminism is not working for women. In a piece entitled "Blue Is the New Black," published in September 2009, she wrote Read more >

Miscellaneous Book Reviews

Book Review: The Shepherd Leader: Achieving Effective Shepherding in Your Church

Reviewed by Phil NewtonDo you dream of developing a leadership team that actually shepherds the church yet struggle to know what it looks like and how to do it? If you're a pastor, this dream needs to become a reality! Read more >

The Color of Church: A Biblical and Practical Paradigm for Multiracial Churches, by Rodney M. Woo

Reviewed by Juan Sanchez
"How did you do it?"  That is the question first time visitors to High Pointe Baptist Church often ask after observing the ethnic diversity present in our worship gatherings. Read more >

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