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Well, sorta.  Mark Dever, who studied Richard Sibbes, “the sweet dropper,” is currently reading some of Sibbes’ sermons and posting them online.  Check them out here.

Here’s an example of why Sibbes’ earned his nickname.  Meditating on Matthew 13:45-46 and how we’re to keep hold of that Pearl of great price, Sibbes writes:

In the next place, if we have this pearl how shall we improve it to our most advantage.  First, therefore, let us be as laborious in keeping it as Satan is laborious in striving to deprive us of it.  And to that end we are to watch over our especial and particular corruptions.  And then most especially when the Devil proffers us a good, we may be sure it is to deprive us of a better good.  He gives an apple, but he looks to deprive us of a paradise.  There was never a man yet who escaped from him a gainer.  And therefore, in such temptations, examine his offers in the light of sanctified reason and we shall find ever he offers us loss.

From “The Rich Pearl

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3 thoughts on “Hear “The Sweet Dropper” Preach”

  1. Geoff says:

    If I ever get on the And 1 Tour, my street ball nickname is going to be “The Sweet Dropper”

  2. Mark Dever says:

    Morning, brother!
    Just read one today for Christmas, on God’s promise in Isaiah 7:14! Wonderful meditation. Should be up soon.
    Mark Dever.

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