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King of the Hill, of all things, provides a useful and provocative parody of so much of contemporary youth ministry and Christianity. This will step on some toes, but don’t forget to reflect on the point because of the pain in the toes. Have a look and let me know what you think:

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14 thoughts on ““I Don’t Want the Lord to End Up in This Box””

  1. Um, that’s more like a full body slam.


    And totally, tragically, true.

    (Although the last bit with the older guy putting the smack down on Mr. Freebird for encouraging the kid to disobey his parents took my blood pressure back down a point or two. Probably also saved me from reaching through my laptop and doing some Mom-ish “ministering” to that guy’s guitar.)

  2. Justin says:

    “The Lord has been getting mad respect since the beginning of time!” Possibly one of my favorite scenes from that television show.”Can’t you see you’re not making Christianity better you’re just making Rock n’ Roll worse.” Priceless line, unfortunately this is the route that I saw around me in churches growing up. Praise God for his sovereignty despite our silliness. Thank you for that Thabiti.

  3. I’m a closet lover of “King of the Hill,” and I remember watching this episode. I remember watching it and not just laughing hysterically but also thinking about how true it is. I’ve read what other readers have thought about and replied to, and I have to say that I understand where everyone is coming from. Definitely a good clip to show to start some discussions!

  4. Some good insight and critique of contemporary Christian culture. To an extent. While we mustn’t make Christ into a fad, we also must understand that he can and does reach people in all stages of life, and he can in fact, be “in the half-pipe” and want to be at the same time.

  5. Mukweto says:

    Wow. So many different things went through my mind.
    1. God will not be mocked but we can be.
    This is how we end up looking when we focus on us, us, us and not Him.
    2.It also shows how in america the respect for authority has gone way way down. I mean I’m comfortable talking to my dad but I don’t talk to him like I talk to my friends. But many churches teach that we should talk to God like one of our face book buddies.
    I know we don’t have to use fancy words but…reverence maybe?

    3.Some youth pastors really miss it when they forget that children have to obey their parents in the lord for this is right. I have seen a similar scene so many times.

  6. Eddie Snipes says:

    Somehow wisdom came from the mouth of fools. I thought this parody would end up putting faith in a bad light, but somehow it ended up with a redeeming message.

  7. Audi says:

    I did not think this was very nice at first. Then I thought of sharing it with friends at church, but I don’t think they would like it either. It was really bad and a true comment on all youth of today. The ending was a real mind blower. “I don’t want the Lord to end up in this box.” was really thought provoking, and I like it. Now, how do I deal with it?

  8. Chris says:

    “Can’t you see you’re not making Christianity better; you’re making rock’n’roll worse” Great quote! Also, great video, thanks for sharing.

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