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The Comfort of Heaven

"Now suppose both death and hell were utterly defeated.  Suppose the fight was fixed.  Suppose God took you on a crystal ball trip into your future and you saw with indubitable certainty that despite everything -- your sin, your smallness, your stupidity -- you could have free for the asking your whole crazy heart's deepest desire: heaven, eternal joy.  Would you not return fearless and singing?  What can earth do to you, if you are guaranteed heaven?  To fear the worst earthly loss would be like a millionaire fearing the loss of a penny -- less, a scratch on a penny."

Peter Kreeft, Heaven (San Francisco, 1989), page 183.

Procrastination a Worship Problem

"...a habit of procrastination indicates a worship problem: an unwillingness to do the work that God has appointed for us, or an inability to discern what he has given us and what he has not. The procrastinator loves to hoard her time for herself rather than work diligently in it on the errands and tasks God gives her. She would rather blame the chaos outside of her than the chaos in her heart."

-Staci Eastin in The Organized Heart: A Woman's Guide to Conquering Chaos (Cruciform Press, 2011)

My Love for God Depends on My Knowing God’s Love for Me

"You cannot love God if you are under the continual secret suspicion that he is really your enemy! ... You simply cannot love God unless you know and understand how much he loves you. ... In the gospel, you can come to know that God truly loves you through Christ. When you have this assurance, you can even love your enemies, because you know that you are reconciled to God. You know that God's love will make people's hatred of you work together for your good."
-- Walter Marshall (The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification: Growing in Holiness by Living in Union with Christ)

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2 thoughts on “Some Great Quotes I Enjoyed Today”

  1. Miss Bible says:

    Yes, God loves us….but if I can be honest, it’s not always so easy, well, I’ll say for me, to love my enemies.

    I’m better at it than I was six months ago, I have just a little bit more ways to go.

  2. Steve Martin says:

    I too have a hard time loving my enemies. And visiting the prisoners, and the sick and dying. And inviting those who cannot pay me back over for dinner. And forgetting about it completely when someone does not pay back what they owe me. And being perfect as my Father in Heaven is perfect.

    Quite frankly, I do think I’ll ever get there.

    But my Lord did. And He gives all that righteousness to me (the ungodly) even though I do not deserve it.

    That’s the gospel.

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