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A couple things that encouraged me today.

Greg Gilbert writes about a courageous testimony shared at his church by a young man experiencing grace amidst a battle with same-sex attraction.  We need to share more such testimonies and rejoice, as Greg does, in the Lord who is coming to finally deliver us all from sin and sinful desires.

Kevin DeYoung offers an encouragement for pastoral pressure and anxiety.  I, too, resonate with Paul’s words, “…apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches.”  In a weird way, as Kevin points out, it’s encouraging to know the apostle carried this burden.  Pastors carry it for their congregations, too, and Kevin does a great job helping us.  Thanks Kev.

Reformed and Charismatic? Michael Horton offers some thoughts.  Felt timely for me after getting “grilled” by a recent guest to the island who describes himself as charismatic.  It was a good grilling, but I’ll have to think about whether to invite him back or not.  If he had the gift of prophecy, he’d already know :-)  Anyway, Mike offers a charitable, clear, and in my opinion compelling look at the historic position on the miraculous sign gifts.  What often gets lost in these discussions is that most everyone is a “cessationist” and most everyone is a “continuationist.”  Nearly everyone in the pale of orthodoxy believes the apostolic office and gift has ceased, and that there are no current prophets speaking things on par with Scripture.  That’s a degree of cessationism.  But no one disputes the continuation of certain gifts, pastor-teacher, administration, helps, and so on.  The discussion really revolves around what to think about certain sign gifts like tongues.  Horton’s discussion covers familiar ground but reminds us of some important historical distinctions.

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