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T4G Debrief: Trueman’s Breakout Session

I’m still distilling things from the Together for the Gospel conference a couple weeks back.  I’m encouraged that two weeks later there’s still stuff for me to return to.  To be honest, I too often look into the mirror of the word I’ve heard at a conference only to turn away and forget what I’ve seen.  So, I’m grateful there’s much to return to, to chew on, to learn from, and to apply.

This morning, my mind is drawn to my breakout session, Carl Trueman’s “Why the Reformation Is Not Over.”  I thoroughly enjoyed Trueman’s session and though he managed to stuff the time full of history, insight, wit, a couple jabs, and a lot of encouragement.  If you haven’t already, take a listen.

Trueman opens with a discussion of what he sees as the basic pattern of conversion from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism.  He highlights four things: concern with aesthetics; a sense of historical rootedness; issues of authority; and culture trends or culture wars.  I was struck by this insight particularly as it relates to the Evangelical preoccupation with so-called “culture wars”: “The identification of conservative moral causes as the most important issues inevitably relatavizes theological distinctives.”

The issue of high-profile conversions to Rome simply provided backdrop for the bulk and heart of the lecture.  More than a lecture on the facts and issues of the Reformation, Trueman took up the question: “How does being a Protestant make a difference for local churches?”  Trueman reminded us that the Reformation was at …

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