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by Andrew Chen

Unashamed Workman has a new look and an expanded team of writers.  Check it out!

Vintage Trueman: “A preacher should be remembered not for the numbers he once attracted or for his slick engagement with the wider culture but for whether he spoke the words of God as a man of God.”  Amen!  May we all “speak the words of God as a man of God.”  Read the entire bit on MLJ and JIP.

Could you answer these questions?

Six bullet points on preaching.  Tim Challies counts like a preacher–there are really ten bullet points in this well-worth-reading post!

Speaking of preaching, I found encouragement late Saturday night when I read of DeYoung’s weekly sermon prep routine.  So true.

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2 thoughts on “Around the Blog in 80 Seconds”

  1. Truth Unites... and Divides says:

    Pastor Thabiti,

    What are you doing reading this blog comment when you’re supposed to be doing your sermon prep?!!!

    You slothful, procrastinating sluggard!!!

    P.S. Laughed heartily at Pastor DeYoung’s article on sermon prep. God bless all faithful undershepherd-pastors who are not hirelings.

    1. Thabiti says:

      Hey bro,

      You’re right; I’m a complete sluggard!! :-)

      Actually, my wife was watching me shred my sermon manuscript on Saturday night. She was the one that said, “Maybe you should read Kevin’s post on sermon preparation.” He certainly nailed my week last week!

      And the wonderful thing is the Lord blessed His word despite my poverty as a preacher. He’s so faithful to His word, isn’t He?

      Praying all is good with you,

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