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Check out this new promotional video for the Reformed African American Network, or RAAN. Get in touch with them at their twitter account @ReformedAfAm or their facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard of RAAN?”

  1. Steve says:

    I am not African American, I am Italian/Irish. I attended a Pentecostal/Charismatic church for 20+ years that was predominantly African American. My journey into Reformed Theology started in 2007.

    I am excited about RAAN Network and pray that God uses this ministry to impact many African Americans who are influenced by Arminian/Charismatic theology.

    It has been my experience that much of the theology embraced my beloved African American brothers and sisters who I attended church with is problematic at best. From T.D. Jakes, to Juanita Bynum, to Myles Monroe to Cindy Trimm, to Paula White, and everything in between. Theological Studies and training appears to be absent from many of these churches. In fact those who happen to have a seminary degree are frowned upon as less favorable then someone who has no training at all. There is almost a glorying in ignorance.

    The proclamation from the pulpit goes something like this, “you do not need seminary, all a person needs is the Holy Spirit”. The argument they use to defend this simplistic mindset is to appeal to the Apostles. “Just look at the apostles, they were blue color, uneducated fisherman and they turned the world upside down”. Sadly this is swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the congregation. But these preachers fail to understand that these uneducated fishermen attended 3 1/2 years of the best seminary possible, they learned at the feet of Jesus Himself. And they also fail to understand that the greatest Apostle of all who started dozens and dozens of churches and brought Christianity to the Roman Empire also happened to be very well educated in Hebrew and Greek philosophy, culture and religion. For these preachers it seems to pursue seminary and training is to quench the Spirit.

    Sadly the following quote by Voddie Baucham seems to ring true in many of these Pentecostal churches:

    “Pentecostals have adopted the United Negro College Fund’s slogan “”The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste””. But unfortunately they have tweaked it, “The Mind is a Terrible Thing”. paraphrased).

    Most of our precious brothers and sisters are simply unaware of the rich heritage of Reformed Theology and are captivated by the subjective emotional theology of the day.

    I pray God will use this ministry to challenge men and women to engage with thier minds the rich and deep Christ-centered truths that are found in Reformed Theology. I am aware of the great zeal they have for Christ, but I am also aware that zeal without knowledge is dangerous.

    I recently read “The Decline of African American Theology” and I now see how far not just the Black church, but the church in general has fallen from the roots of biblical faithfulness.


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