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Today I’m headed to Jackson, MS to join the faculty, staff and students at Reformed Theological Seminary to deliver the John Reed Miller lectures on preaching. I praise God for RTS and for the folks laboring to be faithful to God’s word as they train future pastors, missionaries, and professors for the Lord. It’s an honor be be invited, especially when there are so many more qualified and seasoned preachers they could have asked.

With God’s help, we’ll consider three topics under the theme “Faithful Preaching in a Corinthian Age”:

1. What Preaching Is

2. What Must be Resolved

3. What Must Not Be Preached

While I’m there I hope to catch up with a number of brothers and fellow laborers, including Reddit Andrews, Lig’ Duncan, Jemar Tisby, Phillip Holmes, and a number of students. If you’re thinking about seminary possibilities, you might want to consider RTS. With campuses in Jackson, MS, Orlando, Charlotte, Washington, D.C., Houston and Memphis, and with an impressive distance learning strategy, RTS must certainly be among the most convenient study opportunities around. And if you’re an African American, you’ll definitely want to look into their African American Leadership Initiative.

If you’re in the Jackson area, I hope you’ll consider joining us for part or all of the lectures. And wherever you are, I hope you’ll pray for our time together thinking about proclaiming Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

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4 thoughts on “Preaching about Preaching at RTS”

  1. Shana M. says:

    Dear Pastor Thabiti,

    This is probably not the right place to put this comment but I have been reading you for a long time and all I can say is I wish so much you were my pastor. Please come to Chicago and start a church!

  2. The Believer says:

    Wow, that’s very affirming, Shana!

    Ptr.Thabiti, would you happen to know if RTS offers any scholarship?

      1. The Believer says:


        Thanks for the prompt feedback!

        I’m not actually an African-American but I’m an Asian, a Filipino in particular, based here in the Philippines. I’m aware that there are some seminaries in the United States who offer scholarships for foreign students like me (I’m aware of a pastor from my previous church who was supposedly granted a scholarship in one seminary there in U.S. but was just denied Visa by the American embassy here in the Phils.).

        Does RTS offer scholarships for non-African-American foreign students like me?

        Thanks for the link you’ve provided, I’ve checked it and I don’t see any information about a scholarship for non-African-Americans, hence I’ve taken the liberty to post this inquiry.

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