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So, I’m back to work on Monday, Lord willing. It’s been a wonderful period off–two weeks of holiday preceded by a week of flu. I’m feeling rested and excited for the New Year.

This year, I’m feeling led to continue or begin a few commitments. Call them “resolutions” if you like. Though I suspect the year will test my resolve as it normally does. Testing notwithstanding, we live in the power of the Holy Spirit and with confident expectation of grace. We press on with hope. This year, I’m focusing on a few simple hopes when it comes to my ministry life. These won’t be earth shattering. But I trust they’ll be foundational and sticking to the basics will do more for my life and ministry than a thousand extravagant, wild-eyed “visions.” So…


1. Every day read my Bible prayerfully.

2. Every day pray for the members of the church on the selected pages of the membership directory.

3. Leave my laptop at the office every day.

4. Say ‘No’ a lot more.

5. Dream and doodle and laugh and play a lot more.

6. Do the work of an evangelist: Work to have at least one meaningful gospel conversation with someone every week.

7. Encourage the saints and staff as best I can.

8. Build team.

9. Visit the saints in their home more.

What are your ministry resolutions this year?

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3 thoughts on “My Simple Ministry Resolutions for the New Year”

  1. Michael Statom says:

    Sometimes simple is profound. Thanks for sharing. Your post is both convicting and encouraging.

  2. Mr. Carmen Rieg says:

    Many of my greatest joys as a pastor have come from visiting and spending time in saints homes…I too resolve to do that more!

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