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A couple Sundays ago, I had the privilege of finishing a seven-week series on the book of Micah. What a great blessing preaching that powerful book. The idea to preach Micah came when Tony Carter, Reddit Andrews, Ken Jones and myself teamed up to preach through the book at the New Life Bible conference last year. Hearing each of those brothers pound the text stoked my desire to wade into Micah with the saints at FBC.

I don’t normally preach a special series at Christmas. Truthfully, despite the title, this couldn’t be called a “special series,” even though we drew attention to the season and the prophetic pointers to Christ’s advent. It’s an expositional series with a repeated emphasis on the fact that every type of sinner needs Christmas. As an introductory foil, we used Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

I had great fun and I trust the Lord blessed His word to His people. He may even grant us grace to see fruit harvested in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

In the event someone may be interested, here are links to the seven sermons:

Who Needs Christmas?

Idolaters and Exiles (Micah 1)

Thieves and Liars (Micah 2)

Leaders and People (Micah 3)

Pagans and Sufferers (Micah 4)

God and the Church (Micah 5)

Ungrateful and Dishonest (Micah 6)

The Lonely and Defeated (Micah 7)


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